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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988A study of "co-operative spining mills in Solapur district"Pathan, K G; J D, Dhage
1984A study of financial structure of primary agricultural co-operative credit societies (Paccs) in Sangli district.Pathan, K G; Patil, Dinkar Tukaram
1992A study of poverty and unemployment in an Urban area of Solapur.Pathan, K G; Shirasi, Rajendra Shivayogi
1989A study of rehabilitation of the dam affected villages under Bhima [Ujjani] irrigation projectPathan, K G; Shinde, Pandurang Bhanudas
1984An evaluation of drought prone area development programme in Satara district, with particular reference to utilisation of co-operative credit for purchasing milch cattle.Pathan, K G; Jadhav, Raghunath Dadasaheb
1989Impact of Bhima (Ujjani) irrigation project on agricultural change in Solapur districtPathan, K G; Chitte, Gurshant Nilkanth
1988Impact of integrated rural development programme on economic conditions of the rural households in Solapur district.Pathan, K G; Bodhale, Amogsiddha Chandram
1987Study of deposit mobilisation of Solapur district central co operative BankPathan, K G; Parekar, Sunanda Madhav
1987Study of economic viability of dairy co-operatives in the command area of Koyna Sahakari Doodh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd., KaradPathan, K G; Patel, Babasaheb Nurmahamad
1987The employment guarantee scheme in Solapur district; Its working and impact on rural employment.Pathan, K G; Katke, Venkat Shantappa
1984The impact of co-operative sugar industry on regional development a study of Shri Panchaganga Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Ganganagar, Ichalkaranji, dist. Kolhapur.Pathan, K G; Lawate, B K
1987The social security scheme of employees' state insurance corporation with particular reference to the textile workers in Solapur.Pathan, K G; Suryagandh, Bhimrao S
1990Urban co-operative banks and development of small scale industries & retail trading- A case study of the Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank limited, Solapur.Pathan, K G; Chaugule, Uttam Machhindra