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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A study of inventory management at Ghatge Patil industries Ltd., Kolhapur.Wadkar, V P; Mahind, Bhagawan S
1988A study of loans and advances of Shri Balbhim co-operative Bank Ltd., Kolhapur.Wadkar, V P; Patil, A A
1988A study of long term finance for agriculture provided by KDCC Bank Ltd., Kolhapur.Wadkar, V P; Kumbhar, B M
1996A study of management practices at Setkari Sahakari Soot Girni Ltd Sangole Dist SolapurWadkar, V P; Patil, A U
1992A study of managing expansion and post-expansion operations in Gadhinglaj Karkhana.Wadkar, V P; Jadhav, R K
1986A study of non-banking operations of Shri Paisa Fund Shetki Sahakari Bank Ltd., Hupari dist. Kolhapur.Wadkar, V P; Tiwade, Sudhakar K
1986A study of operational difficulties of primary agricultural credit societies in Barshi talukaWadkar, V P; Nikam, R S
1987A study of operations of Janata Bazar, Kolhapur during 1982-83 to 1985-86Wadkar, V P; Shewale, U P
1988A study of overdues of farm loans with special reference to loans by co-operative in Bhedasgaon village (Dist. Kolhapur)Wadkar, V P; Nalage, R A
1987A study of the impact of co-operative training and education on management of co-operatives in Kolhapur districtWadkar, V P; Fernandes, Z B
1991A study of the problems faced by secretaries of pacs with reference to Osmanabad district.Wadkar, V P; Fase, Balasaheb S
1986A study of training needs for Urban co-operative Bank employees with special reference to Ajara Urban co-operative Bank limited, AjaraWadkar, V P; Kesarkar, J B
1990A study of work done by Shivsadan Griha Nirman Sahakari society Ltd., Sangli, in respect of improving rural life by adoption and implementation of bio-gas technologyWadkar, V P; Thite, S L
1990Cost accounting in a Bank with special reference to youth development co-operative Bank Ltd; Kolhapur.Wadkar, V P; Akalawadi, S B
1986Impact of co-operative sugar factory on small and marginal farmers- A study of selected villages covered by Bhogawati Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd Shahunagar PariteWadkar, V P; Patil, Ananda B
1990Measures adopted for increasing sugarcane production at Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, Rajaramnagar. dist- Sangli.Wadkar, V P; Bargir, Subhash J
1990Performance evaluation of Mayur Sahakari Kukkut Palan society Ltd., Rethare BK.Wadkar, V P; Pawar, S R
1986Problems of primary agricultural co-operative credit societies in Koregaon taluka Dist SataraWadkar, V P; Jagtap, P K
1991Role of Mahila co-operative Bank in the economic and social welfare of women with special reference to Laxmi Mahila Sahakari Bank Limited, SangliWadkar, V P; Jagadale, V P
1987Role of Satara district central co-operative Bank in financing for agriculture in Karad talukaWadkar, V P; Patil, P M