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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A critical study of Evelyn Waugh's novels with special reference to decline and fall, put out more flags, and the loved one.Joshi, A G; Joshi, A D
1999A critical study of IVY compton burnett with special reference to her novels men and wives daughters and sons and parents and childrenJoshi, A G; Kamble, Prashantkumar B
2011Characterization in the novels of rose tremain With special reference to the way i found her the colour and the road homeJoshi, A G; Lokhande, Vrunda Vasantrao
2002Critical study of Ted Hughes with special reference to his selected poems in the hawk in the rain and crowJoshi, A G; Kamble, Ramesh Pundlik
2009Critical study of the novels of Beryl Bainbridge with special reference to A Quiet Life and Winter GardenJoshi, A G; Appasaheb, Ghulanawar Prakash
2002Critical study of the novels of Elizabeth bowen with special reference to, "The death of the heart" (1938) "The Heat of the day" (1949) and "The Little Girls" (1964)Joshi, A G; Sarmagdum, Swayamprabha Shridhar
1984Fantasy in Aldous Huxley's novels with a special reference to brave new world and IslandDesai, S K; Joshi, A G
1998Kingsley Amis A critical study of his novels with special reference to lucky jim that uncertain feeling and the green manJoshi, A G; Sugate, Anil Santaram
2008Pat Barkers regeneration trilogy A critical studyJoshi, A G; Kamble, Anandi Sadashiv
1997Theme of social awareness in the novels of George Orwell: With special reference to Burmese days, a clergyman's daughter and coming up for airJoshi, A G; Mhalunkar, Shashikant Raghunath