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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Germination studies in forest trees of MaharashtraKaradge, B A; Pawar, Babanrao T
1989Nitrogen metabolism in Sesbania and Crotalaria species under saline conditions.Karadge, B A; Sadale, A N
1995Physiological and cytogenetic studies in catharanthus roseusKaradge, B A; Gaikwad, Prakash V
1990Physiological studies in Dodonaea Viscosa L. grown under stress conditionsKaradge, B A; Salunkhe, S S
1984Physiological studies in Moth Bean (Phaseolus aconitifolius jacq.) growth and mineral nutritionKaradge, B A; Kulkarni, H D
1984Physiological studies in proso millet (Panicum Miliaceum L.)Karadge, B A; Jadhav, Vilas B
1989Physiological studies in some tree speciesKaradge, B A; Patil, V P
1984Physiological studies of salt tolerance in Groundnut and Sesbania GrandifloraKaradge, B A; Patil, M H
1986Physiology of germination under saline conditionsKaradge, B A; Khot, S B
1988Physiology of salt tolerance in legumes: Germination under saline conditionsKaradge, B A; Buchade, Jagannath Y
2001Studies in hydroxyperoxidases in succulentsKaradge, B A; Savalajkar, Ramling L
1988Studies in phosphate metabolism in groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) during germination and seedling growth under stressKaradge, B A; Sawant, C V
1987Studies in physiology of drought resistance in Moth Bean (Phaseolus Aconitifolius Jacq.)Karadge, B A; Gaikwad, S A
1987Studies in physiology of salt tolerance of Setaria Italica.Karadge, B A; Toro, S V
1993Studies in physiology of some vegetables stored at chilling temperaturesKaradge, B A; Salvi, A P