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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A critical study of the problems in the introduction of English as III language in primary schools of Hatkanangale taluka in MaharashtraPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Jagtap, Sunil Shamarao
2011A critical study of the problems of teaching and learning mathematics of VIII standardPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Sabkhan, Nilofer Gulab
1995A study of effect of teachers training on the adjustment of school teachersPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Thaker, Savita Ravindra
2005A study of stress among girls studying in X standard in Islampur cityPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Khamkar, Satwashila Balaso
1999A study of the development of self-concept among Urban and rural secondary school children in Karveer talukaPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Pawar, Dayabai Shamrao
1994An assessment of knowledge and attitude towards computer education among teachers of professional courses - A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Aitawade, Sunanda Annaso
2008Co curricular activities in schools of Kolhapur city with special reference to languages a studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Patil, Mukta Ramgonda
2003Development of computer based software for teaching and learning a topic in educational psychology at the B Ed level A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Shrikant, Admuthe Rupali
2001Effect of educational interest and study habits on the academic achievement of Urban XI standard students A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Arjun, Sonawane Sunil
2001Effect of medium of instruction on the development of formal reasoning ability among student-teachers- A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Kadam, Pratap Bandopanth
1998Formal operational thinking ability of student teachers A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Khandke, Chhaya Gajanan
2009Gender representation in the upper primary school level text books of Maharashtra state A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Ghorpade, Rajshree Hindurao
1999The Effect of teaching aptitude and graduate academic achievement on the theory performance of B. Ed. students with science method- A studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Mane, Deepak Hanmant
2011Use of questions for knowledge construction among VIII standard students with reference to the subject English A critical studyPadmini, Manayath Sukumaran; Ganpatrao, Bharmal Rupali