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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985A case study of human factor in the Bagalkot co-operative spinning mill Ltd., BagalkotRao, P Subba; S R, Bhusare
1986A case study of wage and salary administration with special reference to Kumbhi Kasari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Limited Kuditre-416204Rao, P Subba; Shelar, Maruti T
1985A critical study of manpower planning in Walchandnagar industries LTD Engine and foundry division Satara roadRao, P Subba; Pathan, C S
1984A study of capacity utilisation & productivity in selected industrial units in KolhapurRao, P Subba; Pandit, A S
1985A study of employee training & development in selected public sector undertakingsRao, P Subba; Kolekar, Bajarang D
1990A study of impact of accident, safety & health on productivity of workers in Shri Shahu Chhatrapati mills, KolhapurRao, P Subba; Naik, Chitra A
1990A study of impact of accident, safety & health on productivity of workers in Shri Shahu Chhatrapati mills, KolhapurRao, P Subba; Naik, Chitra A
1986A study of industrial relations in selected iron and steel industries in Kolhapur district (With special reference to Kolhapur steel Ltd. and Yashwant iron and steel works Ltd.)Rao, P Subba; Bhirud, Suresh J
1993A study of manpower management in Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Rajaramnagar.Rao, P Subba; Patil, Dasharath S
1985A study of manpower planning and recruitment procedure in Menon and Menon private Ltd., Vikramnagar, Kolhapur-5Rao, P Subba; Daddikar, Dattatraya G
1986A study of personnel relations in nationalised banks in Kolhapur city with special reference to women employeesRao, P Subba; Herlekar, Gayatri Dinkar
1982A study of personnel selection in selected public sector undertakingRao, P Subba; Rao, Rongala Babu
1993A study of problems of small scale industries in M. I. D. C. Miraj.Rao, P Subba; Kodag, Vasant B
1985A study of problems relating to industrial accidents, safety, health, and working conditions in Shri Shahu Chhatrapati mills, Kolhapur.Rao, P Subba; Gokakakar, Raosaheb B
1992A study of training needs & activities in Shri. Shahu Chhatrapati mills, Kolhapur.Rao, P Subba; Shinde, Madhuri R
1985A study of wage structure and welfare amenities in textile industries with special reference to Shri Shahu Chhatrapati Mills, Kolhapur (A unit of Maharashtra state textile corporation Ltd.)Rao, P Subba; Kumbhar, Manohar R
1990A study of wages and wage incentive schemes in Mysore paper mill Ltd., Bhadravati (Taluka) Shimoga districtRao, P Subba; B, Basavarajappa
1984A study of working capital management in selected small scale industries in Shivaji Udyamnagar KolhapurRao, P Subba; Pundpal, Bhimrao B
1983Impact of vocational courses in commerce (A critical study based on the working of the scheme in selected colleges of Kolhapur district)Rao, P Subba; Lokhande, Narasinga R
1988Industrial sickness in small scale industrial sector with reference to some selective units in industrial estate of Shivaji Udaymnagar, Kolhapur.Rao, P Subba; Samant, Prakash D