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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A course on environmental studies and environmental awarness A study of college students in Kolhapur citySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Patil, Dhanaji Dattatray
1993A trade union in a co-operative sugar factory: A sociological analysisSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Bhosale, Vijay B
2001Agrarian social structure and change A study of Asangaon village in Western MaharashtraSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Shinde, M S
2003Changing views towards mate selection and marriage A study of post graduate students in Shivaji university KolhapurSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Gaikwad, Archana Babruvanrao
2009Clean village campaign in Maharashtra and environmental awareness A comparative study of two villages in Kolhapur districtSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Shinde, Akhilesh Vishwasrao
2001Co operatives and development of women A sociological study of co operatives in WarananagarSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Shete, Uttam R
2003Dairy co operatives and empowerment of rural womenSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Patil, Rohini Shivaji
2009Environment and health A study of power Loom workers in Solapur citySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; J S, Hiremath
2008Impact of flood of tambwe village in Satara district A case studySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Kadam, Mousami Vijayrao
2007Impact of water conservation scheme A study of Shivkalin Pani Sathavan Yojana in Kolhapur districtSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Konavdekar, A V
1998Integrated rural development programme An appraisalSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Borannawar, Mahaveer B
1993Office workers in engineering industry of Kolhapur: A sociological studySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Pawar, V R
1993Problem of labour absenteeism: A study of Daulat Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Halkarni in Kolhapur districtSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Waghamode, B B
2006Quallity of environment and human health A study of Rajendranagar slum area in KolhapurSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Dhanavade, Satish N
1985Trade union leadership in Kolhapur a sociological studyPatil, Rajendra B; Salunkhe, Sarjerao A
1994Urban-industrial setting and intercaste marriages in Hindu society: An appraisalSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Anand, Urmila Shivajirao
2006Water supply and sanitation programme in rural Maharashtra A case study of Jainyal village with special reference to sant gadagebaba gram swachhata abhiyanSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Patil, Shobha Satupa
2001Women in higher education A study of enrolment pattern in Shivaji UniversitySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Patil, Vidhya V
1996Women's groups in Kenya: A sociological studySalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Kennedy, Nyataya Peter Isaboke
2007Womens participation in gram swachhata abhiyan and its impact on rural environment A study of two selected villages from Sangli and Kolhapur districtsSalunkhe, Sarjerao A; Rampure, Sheela M