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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
01/02/2003Photographs of 39th Convocation Ceremony- 2003-
03/02/2001Photographs of 37th Convocation Ceremony- 2001-
05/02/2004Photographs of 40th Convocation Ceremony- 2004-
06/02/1999Photographs of 35th Convocation Ceremony- 1999-
08/12/2006Photographs of 43rd Convocation Ceremony- 2006-
08/12/2007Photographs of 44th Convocation Ceremony- 2007-
12/03/2011Photographs of 47th Convocation Ceremony- 2011-
13/02/1996Photographs of 32th Convocation Ceremony- 1996-
14/03/2006Photographs of 42th Convocation Ceremony- 2006-
15/03/2010Photographs of 46th Convocation Ceremony- 2010-
18/02/2014Photographs of 50th Convocation Ceremony- 2014-
19/01/2013Photographs of 49th Convocation Ceremony- 2013-
1935Mudrarakshas ke pashu pratik natko ka anushilan Tendua tilchatta ke vishesh sandarbh mainKotbage, Vyanktesh V; Wayadande, Nilesh R
1962A strategy of agricultural development in India an evaluationHindocha, D H; Chougale, D A
1964-10-06Convocation Address of 1st Convocation Ceremony - 1964Chavan, Yashwantraoji
1965-09-30Convocation Address of 2nd Convocation Ceremony – 1965Cherian, P. V.
1966-10-17Convocation Address of 3rd Convocation Ceremony – 1966Deshmukh, C. D.
1967-10-22Convocation Address of 4th Convocation Ceremony – 1967Kothari, D. S.
1968-11-10Convocation Address of 5th Convocation Ceremony – 1968Gajendragadkar, P. B.
1969-09-25Convocation Address of 6th Convocation Ceremony – 1965Rao, V. K. R. V.